Current projects

Our Programs

We have been able to develop programs for our different stakeholders (Communities)

  • Governance: Aimed at building and strengthening the capacity of local community structures (Men, Women & Youths) to actively engage leadership (local & State) to ensure sustainable development and accountability.

Through this therefore, we seek to address the issues of apathy to participation in governance especially at the grass-root level by enlightening individuals in the community about their power as citizens of Nigeria which they can enforce through issue-based advocacy. By participating in governance and choosing their leaders through voting who will protect their interest during elections and engaging with elected leaders after elections, they are able to make demands on local leadership to meet their community challenges.

  • Livelihood Assistance and Support Program (LASP): (Agriculture & Entrepreneurship)

We have been able to empower communities through the identification of possible Agro-business and non-agro related economic development activities that they can get involved in especially women and youths. We encouraged them to look critically within their environment and identify agri-business activities they may already be engaged in, which can be improved through certain innovation like networking for production, processing, packaging, marketing strategy. Our partnership with Consultants link them to buyers and even credit facilities to increase output.

Our LASP also involves non-agric activities or contemporary entrepreneurial ventures which is attractive for youths to be involved in as well as yielding income technical skills that can meet their immediate needs without exposing them to unnecessary risks especially young females. This ranges from communication business to fashion designing skills, waste management, environmental protection activities which are innovative and have positive impact on human lives in their communities.

Through our Business training, support services and mentoring we build the capacity of Women and Youth to become financially independent by inculcating in them the requisite skills necessary to be successful in whatever field of choice.

  • Conflict Management & Peace Building:

In this programme seek to support and increase people’s understanding and support for peace building by establishing a platform for peace building in the communities. We promote a system that enables women and youths to fully participate in the peace building process. Through our capacity building workshop, we increase their competence, strengthen their systems and promote peaceful traditional and political leadership elections within their immediate communities and the LGA as a whole.

  • Global Enlightenment Program (GEP):

Aimed at creating awareness of global opportunities for networking and education and global issues that have local impact on everyday living like pollution, climate change, sustainable development and lifestyle changes.

  • Environmental Management (Water and Sanitation Program (WASP):

A program for public and private secondary school (High Schools) educating them about good hygiene habits and proper use of water. We also carry out “adopt a school” scheme to help improve or provide sanitary facilities where it is lacking.