Remand Home Project

The Remand Home is where under-aged offenders are kept. So the need for mindset change and attitude re-orientation amongst our young people in the Remand Home is very important especially, for them to thrive as wholesome individuals and useful members of the society.

We have created a platform for social interaction and life consciousness through book reading, interactive discuss, capacity building training, personal skills development and anger management class.

This program will enable the Young People:
• Appreciate who God has made them to be and identify their purpose in life.
• Become empowered with skills for mindset change, attitude re-orientation and anger management.
• Gain more confidence and self-awareness to rise above their negative circumstance in life.
• Understand that their future is not determined by their present or past situation.
• Unleash their potentials and develop the necessary skills for productive living.
• Take advantage of our capacity building training and mentoring Programs.

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