Title Project Title: Self Development, Literacy and Interactive Programme
Introduction The Remand Home programme is a weekly Self- Development Capacity building training aimed at enlightening the young children/teenagers in confinement to carry out a self-assessment/discovery on who they are, identification of their talent/passion and build their capacity to overcome any challenge in life.

This programme kicked off on 26th May 2017 where forty (40) copies of the book ‘Who Am I, Why am I Here’ by Dr. Sunday Adelaja was given to all the inmate. The book was paid for by kind donations of Dr. Abimbola Adetunji, who expressly wanted to be a partner in our first start off.

The second book reading was Anger Management and Control Strategies by Nancy Iheduru. This was necessary because we observed that a lot of the children had anger management issues and if unresolved would eventually grow into violent behaviour or outburst. The anger, frustration and depression that comes with being in confinement presents opportunity for violent emotional displays therefore, we thought it expedient to facilitate some interactive open sessions for discuss.

Further, other topics to encourage emotional intelligence, personal development and good interpersonal relationship were introduced such as i) Personal Development: Attitude Reorientation & Mind-set Change, ii) Self-Esteem & Respect, iii) Handling Peer Pressure, iv) Communication and Presentation skills, v) Love: Love our neighbour as yourself and vi) Love – Understanding God’s Love.

We officially closed the Remand Home capacity building sessions for the year on Friday 22nd December 2017 with a Christmas party with the inmates recapping key learning points from all the various training topics handled.



The training programme has been quite interactive with a mix of style from personal study/assignment, to group discuss, presentation, role play, motivational video shows and power point presentation.

The focus of the training is to enable the teens to become more relaxed, think critically/analytically about the effect of their decisions/actions, develop good self-esteem, also help them sharpen their public speaking skills and acquire basic life skills.

Learning points


1.    There is an element of goodness in every human being and all is required is for someone to believe in them, show them love and better options/choices and full turn around/change is inevitable.

2.    Stepping outside our comfort zones will usually open us up to a world of endless possibilities.

Success Stories We were able to reconnect 3 inmates back with their relatives who did not know the location of their children/ward.

The major success was the case of the orphan who was arrested in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and brought to the Port Harcourt Remand Home in Rivers State. On August 31st, 2017, our search for his relatives had us send someone to locate his people in their village, where we learnt that his relatives (Aunt & Uncle), did not know where he was and had been looking for him for more than a year. It was a sweet reconnection journey because they came to take him home a week after.

Books/Topics Taken A.    Who Am I, Why Am I Here by Dr. Sunday Adelaja

1.    Who Am I?

2.    Make Your Name and Know Your Values

3.    What Can I Do? A Question of Potential

4.    Why Am I Here? What Am I Doing Here?

5.    Where Am I Going? A Question of Destiny.

6.    The System of Values and Beliefs.

7.    How to Find Your Calling.

8.    The Principles of Fulfilling a Dream to its Fulfilment.

9.    Specific Steps from a Dream to its Fulfilment.

10. What is an Inferiority Complex and What Causes It?

11. Feelings of Guilt

12. Victim Mentality.

13. The Fear of Failure.

14. Fear of Criticism.

15. Denial.

16. Low Self-Esteem.

17. What is the Difference Between Winners and Losers?


B.    Anger Management and Control Strategies by Nancy Iheduru

1.    The Nature of Anger

2.    Categories of Anger

3.    Triggers

4.    Consequences of Anger (Types of Anger).

5.    Anger Based Domestic Violence.

6.    Management & Control Strategies.

7.    Mop up Operation


C.    Personal Development : Attitude Réorientation & Mind-set Change

D.   Self-Esteem & Respect

E.    Handling Peer Pressure

F.    Communication and Presentation skills

G.   Love – Love our neighbour as our self

H.   Love – Understanding God’s Love

Our Sponsors/Partners 1.    Dr. Abimbola Adetunji

2.    Mr. Benjamin Isuku

3.    Mrs. Ugochi Okoro

4.    Mrs. Ijeoma Obowu

5.    Mr. Ebeli Eperibou

6.    Mr. Opeyemi Farinde (Website Design)

7.    Ms. Ukachi

Donations (Items Received)


1.   40 books (Who Am I, Why Am I Here?)

2.   8 school books & 5 story books N2000

3.   1 Bag of Rice

4.   2 Live Chickens

5.        6 Ariel/Omo Detergent

6.   6 Tablets of Lux Soap

5.   Cash – N8,000


Items bought/ Given for the Remand Home Christmas Party


1.    2 Cartons of Indomie @ N4,000

2.    1 ½ Cartons of Malt @ N3,924

3.    Balloons @ N1000

4.    Biscuits

5.    4 Tooth Paste @ N1,000

6.    6 Ariel/Omo Detergent

7.    6 Tablets of Lux soap



1.    Ike Chima

2.    Ebeli Eperibou

3.    Tochukwu Dickson

4.    Irene Ohia

5.    Barr. Kingsley Ezekiel


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